Our employees, most important asset and the reason for our inspiration

Our employees are our greatest assets and we will grow, inspire and protect them. CTS is committed to actively encouraging diversity through our people and our activities, as we truly believe in the value of a diverse workforce to both inspire our people and grow our business. Honesty, professionalism, ethical behavior and integrity with our staff and clients is more important than business. Our reputation with them is paramount to our success as is our technical leadership reputation. Our business goals are only met when we mutually make our clients successful and are fairly rewarded. By getting all these right, delivered through our project management, quality, safety, health and environmental management systems, we serve our customers’ needs successfully.

Our systems are designed according to the 3Q concepts: Quality, Quantity and Quickness. To reach the CTS’s goal of customer satisfaction, followings are focused:

  • Quality - Excellence in quality and product quality certification
  • Quantity - High productivity
  • Quickness - Quick response to market demand

Why CTS?

  • CTS aims to respond fully to customer requests in new project works as well as currently designed works.
  • From the tender process to the delivery of the project, customer satisfaction is the goal of the CTS
  • It guarantees CTS design and equipment for turnkey projects. Supplies at the beginning of the project, including fuel, water, electricity, lubricants, compressed air and spare parts, do not exceed the expected gap values
  • The design of the project is carried out by the experienced R&D team of CTS in their own workplace
  • The equipment production and installation at the CTS workshop is carried out by a rich machine park and experienced personnel
  • CTS works with the best suppliers in order to provide the best service to the domestic and foreign customers
  • CTS’s working principle is focused on customer satisfaction with innovation and the latest technology therefore CTS serves its customers with all kind of after sales services such as technical consulting and supervision,
  • Manufacturing is performed fully in accordance with the customer projects, material certificates and quality control inspection reports are served at the end of the work.
  • Thanks to the highest quality and competitive prices that it provides, CTS aims to be the only address for its customers with "Creative Technical Solutions"