Truck Tipping Platforms

3x10, 3x12, 3x16, 3x18, 3x20, 3x21 metre lenght 40 - 50 - 60 - 80 ve 100 tons design

Design Specifications:

  • Capacities up to 100 t
  • IPE550 structural profiles
  • REXROTH hydraulic pumps
  • REXROTH valves
  • 4 adjustable back-stops
  • 10mmS275JRdeck
  • SIEMENS control panel
  • Double safety sensors
  • CuSn hard bearings
  • Diameter 110 mm 7131 shafts


  • The platform is of an extremely rigid construction manufactured mainly from RHS profiles and heavy duty-steel plates.
  • An inspection door is located in the deck of the platform in order to allow access to the hydraulic system, and a hoisting door above cylinders.
  • The hydraulic cylinders are securely fastened in a heavy frame.
  • When the platform is closed (lowered into the steel frame) it rests upon adjustable wooden blocks.
  • The standard tipping angle is usually 35 degrees, but can be made up to 45 degrees depending on material to be dumped.
  • Raising time is about 120 seconds and lowering time is approximately 90 seconds