Silo Sweepers

Wheat, corn, barley, sunflower seed, soybean, rapeseed, paddy rice, cereals, wood pellets...

Design Specifications

  • 3 to 35 m silo diameters
  • Easy to flow material as seeds and wood pellets
  • To sweep the remain material after gravity discharge
  • Angle response max for wood pellets 45°
  • Reinforced equipment for wood pellets, soy seeds and flooded paddy rice.
  • Faster unloading with thicker casing and continuous rotation
  • Pre-assembling parts to save time during the erection.
  • The sweeper motor is heavy duty and selected according to the ATEX directive of the ZONE 20-21-22
  • Water proof bearings to avoid any damage with the dust.
  • Ability to adjust the torque on the wheel with a spring.
  • The spring allows to the wheel to stay on the same place, when the sweep auger is in front of a big amount of product. It does not turn on itself so the wearing of the wheel is limited.
  • There is only one electric motor in the middle of the silo. The motor is in the tunnel for easy maintenance.