As CTS Makina A.Ş., our quality policy is to improve our quality of service by know-how and experience in turnkey projects in iron and steel sector, manufacturing of equipment and spare parts and experience and know-how in hydro sector. In this way, CTS continuous improving itself to become the one of the biggest in the world by being competitive, open for developing, quality management system, policy for quality, service and price and satisfied customers in consideration of parties needs and expectations. CTS quality policy is to be a preferred one by the competitors and be the best service provider by planning and working correctly, improving the quality, prioritizing customer needs and requests, caring technological improvements and investments, evaluating work force and ensuring workers loyalty.

The top management of CTS Makina identified the quality policy and targets in order to improve quality management system, customer satisfaction and make sure about quality awareness. The top management of CTS Makina is responsible for quality policy and targets are announces and understood by the workers, applied and will be continue application and for extending strategical management about application and other issues inside and outside issues.

One of the our biggest aim is to continuous meet our customers need and expectations, to develop and manufacture parts in consideration of customer needs and market expectations, to execute our activities in most economical way for products and work systematic and to ensure our workers pleasure. The greatest expectation from workers is create their own targets in this way and follow their own targets carefully. “Stability” and “Quality” are non-compromised principles.