Industrial Hopper (Conical-Based) Silos

Silos with lower steel hoppers are especially needed for different industries like beer factories, animal feeds, port facilities, flour mills, ethanol dryer, plastic industry and storage of biofuels. Hopper is designed with 45° or 60° angles in order to provide cereals can be flow with its characteristic way. For cereals, the hopper design is done with 45° angle and 60° angle is proper for feeding, wet cereal or low liquidity materials. This kind of silos is commonly used for low capacities, different materials and the high rate of filling and discharging operations. Generally, continuously discharging position is active. CTS manufacture silos with lower steel hopper with a guarantee for longer lifetime more than our competitors, high technologic manufacturing place with maximum strength.

Our customer requirements are satisfied with silos from 5m³ to 25.000m³ volumes. The manufacturing of silos is done by channeled galvanized steel with 600g/m2 coating and ZM250g/m2. For silos with lower steel hoppers, special steel structures, frames and platforms are designed. The hoppers are placed at the bottom of silo to levering of silo unit. All calculations are done with ANSI – ASAE EP 433 2033 or EUROCODE EN – 1991-4 norms or if needed by the customer, other norms can be applied.

Expressed height and volumes, metal hopper base silos have hot dipped galvanized compacting rings welded in both sides and by this way, quality is increased and structural assembly will be easier.

Silo Components

Buttyl Rubber Compound

It is supplied in a preformed way to ensure optimal sealing.

Cylindrical Body

Made up of bodysheets and stiffeners, manufactured in structural steel S 350 GD Z600 hot dip galvanized.

Compression Ring

Is included in hopper silos from certain models. The compression ring is hot dip galvanized, and welded on both sides avoiding filtrations.


Quality 8.8 and 10.9. Nuts provided are quality 8, and neoprene EPDM washers guarantee sealing. Supplied bolting is hot dip galvanized with (70 – 85 microns), ensuring higher service life more than other suppliers do.

30º Degrees Roof

Composed by trapezoidal sectors. The special geometry of the wave of the roof and longitudinal folds gives high strength and stiffness. Depending on silo diameter, and roof loads, roof can be supplied with our without structure.