Hydraulic Silo Sweepers

The hydraulic sweeper system allows to unload difficult to flow materials that are heavy or light, powdery or fibrous, dry or damp, and that do not easily flow by natural means.

The sweeper systems uses hydraulic transmission. Reliable and robust, an Archimedean screw, driven by a directly coupled hydraulic motor, sweeps the cell bottom radius through 360o and ensures extraction of the product on the FIFO principle

The sweeper systems are suitable for use with both cement and metal silos with an inside diameter of 2m to 20m+.

Hydraulic Sweeper advantages

  • The hydraulic transmission systems ensure the reliability and long life of the hydraulic sweeper, whilst transmitting high low-speed torques, thanks mainly to a start-up booster system
  • Smooth running and good flexibility for optimal security
  • Speed regulation without loss of efficiency, at constant torque, with no speed variation and no overheating
  • Hydraulic limitation of the torque for planetary feed, safeguarding the extraction screw and its transmission
  • Possibility of turning in both planetary directions