Hydraulic Container Loading -Unloading Platform

90 ° angle allows for loading capacity up to the desired tonnage. Production is available for different sizes of containers.


  • Special-made pistons
  • Motors& reducers(SIEMENS, NORD, SEW, ROSSI)
  • Go4B or Stif sensors
  • Special controller for the action
  • Load-cells located in 6 different points
  • Ascending / descending in 10 minutes


  • This equipment has been modelized and calculated statically and dynamically with ANSYS Program
  • For safety of the system, the equipment includes sensors on 0 and 90 degrees.
  • All of the bedding process are produced of bronze materials.
  • The connection pins of hydraulic pistons are produced of hardened CK45
  • The container doors can be closed on their own by means of hydraulic pistons.
  • The equipment is easy to assemble.

This equipment is a project approved by TUBITAK.