Dynamic Structure

ILMAK Machinery has founded on 1986 in İzmir in order to service for Turkey’s industrial machinery sector. From the day of establishment, various equipment and parts were manufactured not only for automotive sector, but also for iron and steel industry, cement industry, agricultural machineries. In addition to its dynamic structure and conventional machineries, ILMAK Machinery still growing with its new machinery investments and manufacturing opportunities. CNC machinery is controlled with CAD-CAM technology to manufacture complicated geometrical pieces easily.

ILMAK Machinery is taking place in Izmir – Ulukent Industrial Zone and open and close area is approximately 1500m ². İl-Mak has 11 milling or boring machines, 10 lathes, 2 gear cutting machines, 6 welding machines and 7 measurement equipment. İl-Mak became authorized supplier by leading companies of automotive sector and to proceed on this way, 3 shifts, full capacity 7/24 machining is ongoing. All manifold variations, circular type gates, brackets, connectors can be manufactured and also engineering is provided. In recent years, condition of competitiveness getting harder. Because of this reason, İl-Mak adopts new mentality about quality and price to be manufacturing partner not only for domestic companies, but also for international companies.