Feed Silos

CTS Makina manufacture bulk material storages with a guarantee for longer lifetime more than our competitors, high technologic manufacturing place with maximum strength. Dividedly our competitors, channeled galvanized steel are used. According to Z600g / m2, silos galvanized UNE-EN 36130. This coating level provides more healthy storage more than destruction rate of stored product and maximum strength against the corrosion which is expecting for longer lifetime. All raw materials are approved and European origin. External treated material has special protection specialty.

The volume is from 4,77 m3 to 85 m3 capacity and the diameter is diversified to 1,8; 2,10; 2,55; 2,75; 3,2 or 3,8. Conic chambers could have gradients 45°; 60° or 67°. CTS offer different accessories and discharging solution to finish project. Stainless steel chambers help to decrease environmental effects, increase slipping and increase corrosion resistance.

According to EUROCODE 1, part 4, MEF calculation methodology became valid for the silos with 1,8m to 3,8m diameter. Manufacturing is performed according to CE certification. Continuous investment in technology helps manufacturing operation and leads high quality.


Conservation of food properties

Our higher than market standard galvanization in combination with the corrugation of the sheet reduce temperature changes inside and prevent condensation. Flashings. The curvature of the edge of the sheet prevents water from entering the hopper and the boot.

Optimum food flow

Optimum tilt angle in the silo cone.
Internal attachment of the cone to the outlet collar unobstructed.
Round-head screws in the hopper.

Silo Accessories

Pneumatic and Mechanical Loading

Ceiling Roof Aerator

Level Viewer in Cylinder

Weighing Cells

Central Outlet Nozzle

Auxiliary Nozzle in Hopper

Nozzle for 127mm Worm Screw

Access Ladder

Fixed or removable option to prevent climbing by unauthorized personnel.

Double Cleaning Door

Improving protection against water. Also has internal slope allowing better flow and preventing the accumulation of dirt.